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Accurate, a company focused on customers’ needs

External Market

We operate in the poultry, beef and Pork market for more than 05 (five) years now with utmost dedication, efficiency and transparency to our suppliers and partners. Always working with suppliers that have the best quality in Brazil, Productive conditions and partnership on international business regular development.

Over 2 (Two) years, we have started the extension of our international activities to other Market segments, adding the following products: Soya, Soy Bran, corn, instant coffee, Tomato puree, Confectionery and Sweets, Powdered Chocolate, Skimmed milk powder and pasta. All experience we have result positively to our partners and suppliers.

We also have and develop partners that provide us meat and its derivatives in excellent condition not only from Brazilian territory but also from producers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. In this way we are able to satisfactorily meet the needs of our clients.
We are a Company that focuses in the Commitment to the Customer. We organize a high strategic business, always looking for the best allocation to the investments and resources in all business areas.
We handle all exports procedures from the planning, sales, quality control to the International logistic.

Internal Market

ACCURATE adjusts itself to its customers' demands and needs, offering a professional and personalized service such as:
- Objectivism in all informations;
- Dynamic decisions taken by the company;
- Support to Industrial, productive, documental, fiscal and Financial planning;
- Commercial and bidding Proposals assess;
- Brazilian tax legislation, costs and fiscal consultant focusing in international business;